Why we need Kotlin?

Why we need another programming language when we have such a productive language called as Java for Andorid Development, which has been used since decades?. Is Kotlin that potent and useful? Will it stand equal or far better than Java? Well answer for all this depend on the furture reading. Kotlin’s primary development is from … Continue reading Why we need Kotlin?


ART (Android Runtime)

We all are well know by the term “Dalvik” and its usage. Dalvik is a virtual machine (VM) for Android operating system. Java program which are compiled by Java compiler in bytecode and store in .class file which are given to dx tool for translating it into Dalvik bytecode which are store in .dex file. This dex … Continue reading ART (Android Runtime)

Color Tool

Google had introduced tool named Color Tool on April 2017. It is one of the best source to create attractive UI by choosing color schemes that include darker and lighter variations of your primary and secondary colors. Well many of us struggled hard to find the attractive and eye appealing color scheme for our application … Continue reading Color Tool

Animated Gradient Background Splash Screen

Are you bored of making splash screen with solid colour background? Do you want to make it more attractive and eye catching experience for user? Well, following article will solve all your questions. Instead of making background of splash screen of simple solid colours we can add the list of animation with gradient colours. Its … Continue reading Animated Gradient Background Splash Screen

Glide Library

In my previous article we discussed about one Library called Picasso Library for Image caching and downloading. Alternative to Picasso Library is Glide Library. Glide Library  is also used for caching and downloading images with ease.It is developed by bumptech and recommended by Google.Now question arise which library from Glide and Picasso is better option. I … Continue reading Glide Library

Java Coding Standards

Coding Standards for Components: It is recommended to write components name by its purpose. This approach improves the readability and maintainability of code. Coding Standards for Classes: Usually class name should be noun starting with uppercase letter. If it contains multiple word than every inner word should start with uppercase. Eg: String, StringBuffer, Dog Coding … Continue reading Java Coding Standards