Color Tool

Google had introduced tool named Color Tool on April 2017. It is one of the best source to create attractive UI by choosing color schemes that include darker and lighter variations of your primary and secondary colors. Well many of us struggled hard to find the attractive and eye appealing color scheme for our application where all the primary color and accents color compliments each other. So Google has again made our jobs easy.

This tool has yet more features like Text Accessibility and Preview which makes our job achieved without great efforts.

Text Accessibility checks if text is accessible on different-colored backgrounds or not. It makes sure that the text accessibility on different-colored background follows all the legibility standards.

Preview aids you in previewing your color scheme across various component and suggest darker and lighter variants of the primary color which you selected. It also provide editable HTML, CSS, or JavaScript in Codepen

Isn’t it amazing to have such a great tool to make a perfect color scheme for your brand and enhance the look of your app with radiant colors?. Do check the tool Color Tool


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