Memory Leak in Singleton Pattern

Singleton Design Pattern is basically used when we want to limit object creation. Singleton Design Pattern is considered one of the most simple design pattern. The main concern of this pattern is to ensure that only one instance of a class is created and provide a global point of access to the object.   We … Continue reading Memory Leak in Singleton Pattern


Auto backup of Android Application

Android market has increased tremendously. Every day new mobile phone gets launch, and while uninstalling our app from old phone app's data gets lost.  As a developer it would always be a great idea backup your user's app data to their google drive, so when they reinstall the app they can fetch back their data … Continue reading Auto backup of Android Application

Reduce .apk file size by WebP

If we are dealing with the application which uses significant amount of images then png and jpeg format would be occupying more space. WebP is the Image format from Google for better compression than JPEG and PNG files. Using WebP developer can create rich and compact image. The statics shows that lossless image is 26% … Continue reading Reduce .apk file size by WebP

Color Tool

Google had introduced tool named Color Tool on April 2017. It is one of the best source to create attractive UI by choosing color schemes that include darker and lighter variations of your primary and secondary colors. Well many of us struggled hard to find the attractive and eye appealing color scheme for our application … Continue reading Color Tool